How Many Units of Botox For Crow’s Feet?

By: Stephanie Davis

How Many Units of Botox For Crow’s Feet?

You keep seeing prices per unit for anti-wrinkle injections like Botox, but you’re probably thinking… How many units of Botox for crow’s feet?

Today, we give you a short and sweet answer.

How Many Units of Botox Injections For Crow’s Feet?

The general recommendation for the treatment of crow’s feet is 12 units per side, but this can vary from patient to patient.

Some people with stronger facial muscles may need more units, and others may need less.

You should budget for 6-12 units per side (totalling 12-24 units)

Does Botox for Crow’s Feet Look Natural?

The best part about Botox treatments around the crow’s feet area is they look incredibly natural.

Crow’s feet wrinkles (often referred to as Lateral Canthal Lines or laugh lines) are highly dependent on genetics, and some people age gracefully and never seem to have wrinkles in the crow’s feet area.

People say I look so happy. Then I say… “That’s the Botox” – Dolly Parton

The benefit of this is; If you get Botox in this area, nobody is likely to notice.

This can’t be said for all areas of the face, but for this injection site, you’ll get incredibly natural-looking results.

Are They The Same As Smile Lines?

Smile lines and crow’s feet are not exactly the same, but the same things generally cause them.

You’ve spent your life squinting, smiling or just loving having a great time and showing it on your face 😊

Smile lines can also be around the mouth, so they are not exclusive to around the eyes.

On the opposite side of the fence, we have ‘frown lines’, a completely different problem reserved for unhappy people with strong forehead muscles.

What is The Cost of Botox For Crow’s Feet?

The cost will depend on the total number of Botox units, but you should expect to pay $100-$300 depending on the treatment provider chosen and the brand they use.

A few different brands are available, which can cause a major price difference.

For an updated price list, check out our Anti-Wrinkle Injection Provider List.

How many units of Botox for crow's feet (Australia)

Photo by CitySkin Melbourne, Australia.

Crow’s Feet Preventative Measure

Botox treatment is undoubtedly the best way to treat crow’s feet, but it’s also the best option for preventative measures.

If you start early enough, you can treat facial wrinkles before they even become wrinkles.

This means you can continue to be that super happy person, but as the years tick by, you won’t start developing wrinkles as a punishment for enjoying your life.

People often consider dermal fillers as an option but this type of treatment should be to fill in places that are suffering from a lack of volume only.

How Long Will Botox Injections Last For Crow’s Feet?

Botox used for crow’s feet will last around 3 months.

Some people may get slightly longer than this, and others may even get less.

You should follow the best practices when getting your treatment to ensure long-lasting results.


Determining how many units of Botox you need to treat crow’s feet is quite simple, but it will vary from person to person.

The best part is you’ll know after one treatment, and your trusted treatment provider will usually call you back a few weeks after treatment to see the result and do any top-ups (for free).

Then moving forward, you’ll know exactly how much (Botox units) you need for treating crows feet.

Your only risk now is how addicting it is!

You’ll find that youthful appearance haunts you, and you’ll be back for other areas like forehead wrinkles (forehead lines), other expression lines, bunny lines, or even frown lines.

Good Luck!

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